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Primary Objective

Our brief was to increase the self-awareness of each individual who attended the programme, and to develop their leadership skills.

Our Approach

Based on a well-developed understanding of the business, its key strategic objectives and a knowledge of the core competencies of the organisation, coupled with a very sound relationship with the Directors, Bluestone delivered this leadership programme over a period of 15 months.

Having commenced our relationship with SEA in 2011 we have delivered four leadership programmes for SEA and three for their holding company Cohort Plc. This was undertaken over a period so that new skills could be learnt and applied with access to the coach during this period.

"The Most Effective &

Lasting Development Training

I Have Encountered"

What Bluestone Did

The programme started with 360 feedback elicited about each person and this data was integrated with in-depth personality profiling, provided to each participant in a one to one detailed confidential session. Following on from this each participant made a presentation to the Board of Directors with a personalised development plan and outlined their strengths and key development focus.

Workshops were provided during the leadership programme and these covered a breadth of topics including advanced communication, motivation, emotional intelligence, building resilience, transition and change, and modern leadership thinking. The workshops integrated theory with practical application and coaching.

We also ran small learning cells that met every few months with a qualified facilitator, encouraging participants to learn from one another, developing greater and more robust relationships across the business and the group. This cross fertilization of ideas has helped with business development and better working knowledge, understanding and relationships across the whole organisation. Overall it was an excellent way to embed the learning.

Client Feedback

This leadership programme has consistently received some of the highest ratings of any development programme in the group and has been credited with assisting in increased staff retention.

What The Client Said

Adrienne doesn't peddle "silver bullet" solutions to transform performance. She helps those she works with to understand how they're likely to be perceived by others and how others are likely to think, act or react. The skill with which she sets out these "rules of the game" is the key to some of the most effective and lasting development training I have encountered, including during 35 years in the UK Armed Forces.

Karl EvansSubmarine Commanding Officer - Cohort PLC

Ann has a rare ability to develop strong relationships and develop trust within a group rapidly and with great results.

Portfolio Manager - Cohort PLC
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