Centrica Plc. Executive Team

Primary Objective

To enable the executive team to develop and capitalise on their coaching skills.

Our Approach

We conducted an in-depth interview with the client, and issued pre-course questionnaires to participants, to assess existing skill levels and to identify development areas that were of most value to participants. The existing high standard of participant’s coaching abilities meant pre-assessment was essential to ensure the masterclass addressed areas in which they could gain greater knowledge and experience.

"Significant Learning Was Achieved

Through Applying Cognitive Behavioural

Theory (CBT) Principles"

What Bluestone Did

We designed a one day coaching workshop which focused on developing core skills and strategies to progress participants in their pursuit of excellence in coaching. The workshop was designed to integrate theory with the opportunity for participants to practice their skills.

The workshop covered a range of coaching skills including how to give effective feedback, how to recognise and challenge performance inhibiting beliefs, and how to motivate performance through goal setting and structured performance planning. The emerging area of positive psychology was integrated into the day to inform feedback best practise. We also introduced the concept of identifying and working with performance inhibiting, and performance enhancing, thoughts and behaviours. This process is effective in creating behaviour change and enables the coach to gain valuable insight into coachee, and organisational, strengths.

Client Feedback

Participants reported their most significant learning was achieved through:

  • Gaining an understanding of learning styles
  • Applying their learning in role plays
  • The introduction of a coaching model
  • Applying cognitive behavioural theory (CBT) principles to explore and eliminate performance barriers
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