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Core Services

Our services can be targeted at any level within your organisation:


Personality Profiling

Enables people to understand their work preferences and how this impacts on their performance and relationship with others in the workplace. Raises self awareness & essential in team & management development, coaching, assessment and personal development.

360 Feedback

Enhances self-awareness and promotes self-directed development. Can be used in the following contexts; management development, executive assessment, executive coaching and performance management.

Motivational Profiling

Using the Motivational Questionnaire enables us to understand those ‘triggers,’ that make us feel energised, and those that tend to ‘demotivate’ us. Understanding what motivates others is extremely powerful in the successful management and leadership of teams.

Change Management Style & Strategies

Understanding how you, and others cope with change, enables increased self-insight and the identification of possible ‘stressors,’ that may affect performance in times of uncertainty and ambiguity.

Executive & Performance Coaching

Great sports people and teams have ‘great coaches,’ to ensure continued improvement and peak performance. Our executive coachers use key coaching principles at senior level. Sessions are aimed at achieving particular objectives, be this a key personal challenge or enhancing overall performance. Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. Coaching recognises that internal obstacles may be more daunting than the external ones.

Career & Personal Development Planning

Motivated people are effective people. We provide a range of services to individual employees enabling them to; recognise and demonstrate their current value, identify their key strengths and development needs, visualise their career goals, and plot a pathway to success.

Virtual Leadership

A key challenge to modern working is applying current leadership thinking to new modes of working i.e. virtual and dispersed teams. This intervention provides up to date thought leadership on virtual working, and how to achieve the most effective teams with the complexities of geographical, temporal and cultural dimensions. Can be offered as a one to one coaching initiative or as a workshop.

Masterclasses: Coaching & Facilitation

These are one day Masterclasses focusing on either coaching or facilitation. They enhance and develop key skills by introducing experienced coaches and facilitators to new methods and approaches in their pursuit of excellence. The workshops are tailored to clients needs, and integrate theory with the opportunity for participants to practice their skills.


Team Coaching For Performance

Our process involves, initial diagnosis and then design of the most appropriate intervention. Our creative yet business focused activities look at team relationships and team processes and are designed to; raise awareness, improve clarity, processes and morale, with the results being the development or maintenance of ‘high performing’ teams.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence has a major impact on organisational performance. Research has shown that this vital set of skills is more important in today's constantly evolving business environment. Emotional Intelligence can be developed through assessment, training and coaching.

Creative Thinking & Innovation

Organisational culture and operation often inhibits creative thinking, despite this vital resource being key to an organisation’s competitive edge. We offer an innovative, yet practical toolkit of activities to stimulate this very valuable ‘right brain’ function of creative thinking. We also assist managers to create and nurture a climate that embraces creative thought.

Team Identity - LSP

See section on ‘Strategic Partners,’ Lego Serious Play.

Virtual Team Working

Linked to our virtual leadership program, we offer a tailored workshop that enables virtual teams to understand the complex challenges of virtual working, and to provide them with the knowledge and skills to overcome the hurdles and build highly effective teams.

Redundancy Survivor Management

If an organisation has to make redundancies it is important to manage the emotional, and behavioural, impact of the transition on those that remain with the organisation. ‘Survivors’ reactions can include shock, guilt, relief and fear, which are experienced whilst coping with changing roles, workloads, and the loss of work relationships. The result can be stress, de-motivation, loss of morale, and reduced performance. We offer supportive and practical group workshops, and 1-2-1 coaching, to help survivors manage the change successfully. The focus is on integrating individual and organisational perspectives of change, exploring motivation, building resilience and trust.


Executive Assessments

A one to one assessment of an individual in relation to a specific role, or for development purposes, with an executive report and summary highlighting key strengths and development needs. Feedback is provided and follow up coaching is available to support development requirements. We can provide a detailed, objective perspective, rigorous and commercially orientated information about the individual and a fast, confidential service.

Assessment Centres & Development Centres

We carry out a thorough job analysis and competency identification for current and future roles. Assessment Centres are used for selection or promotion and Development Centres for learning, professional growth & succession planning. The all important follow-up can include feedback, advice on career planning and executive coaching.

Graduate Recruitment & Selection

Working closely with our client to understand what competencies are necessary for success, we then design the recruitment process. This includes all the screening and then running the Assessment Centre to select the top talent.

Skills Development Workshops

We offer interview skills training and assessor training programmes.

Succession Planning

We assist organisations to identify their high flyers through the use of rigorous diagnostic tools and our analytical skills.

Employee Surveys

We can conduct employee satisfaction surveys to identify key issues affecting morale, motivation and performance.

Leadership Development

Our leadership development programmes are designed to be progressive, and to maximise transfer of learning back into the workplace. Our programmes focus on (1) the intrapersonal realm – raising self-awareness, (2) interpersonal skills and how leaders related to their team, (3) managing change and transition, (4) leadership skills and creating great communication & influencing abilities. We will add what is relevant to each specific programme: e.g. building resilience, fostering a culture of innovation & inspiration, and building powerful relationships.

Redundancy & Transition Support

In the unfortunate event that an organisation has to make redundancies, we can offer a range of programmes to assist with the transition. We offer supportive and practical workshops, which focus on managing the emotional impact of change, and developing tools and strategies for job hunting. We can also deliver this content as 1-2-1 executive career coaching. These services are designed alongside our redundancy survivor management programmes (see team development), and are recommended as part of an integrated transition strategy.

Strategic Thinking

Using an innovative process, our highly skilled facilitators take this vital aspect of business functioning to another level. See section on ‘Strategic Partners,’ Lego Serious Play.