Primary Objective

We have worked with numerous clients over the last 17 years. This focus varies from high flyers, managers with specific challenges they want to overcome, individuals who have been recently promoted and want to rapidly address specific knowledge and skills, people returning to work who may want to work on increasing their self-confidence, career transition, and others individuals who want to increase their self-awareness and become better leaders.

Our Approach

There is no one approach with our coaching but it depends on the coach having excellent skills of analysis, empathy, insight, good understanding of psychology, people and their motivations, strong active listening skills and an ability to synthesis what they see and hear. They need to help the coachee to find their own path and to come to a successful outcome.

"The Board Of Management's

Style Has Dramatically Changed

For The Better"

What Bluestone Does

Happy and accepting individuals who have found their way forward and are keen to pursue their future goals.

What The Clients Say

The board of management's style has dramatically changed for the better thanks to the Bluestone Team. We now all treat each business decision in an entirely different way to utilise individuals’ skills, we are now a much better Board of Directors and our teams are grateful too!

Halfway through my career and doing very well for myself, I was doubtful that Bluestone's coaching would provide me with much more than some new managerial buzz-words. How very wrong I was.

They undertook an analysis of my personality and behavioural traits, identified where improvement and modification would provide the greatest benefits to myself and my company, and designed a programme that gave me the tools, confidence and self-realisation to optimise my performance for myself. I take advantage of those benefits every day.

Adrienne proved the suspicion that I had greater potential within me to be a reality. Accelerating the evolution of my leadership, influencing and self-optimisation capabilities has put me at a notable advantage in my interactions with customers and colleagues.

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