St James, St William, and St George

Primary Objective

To create a High Potential Talent Development Programme intended to optimise the the high flyers of St James, St William, and St George.

Our Approach

Using data about personality profiles and overall competence, plus a view of what was needed strategically for the business, we designed a bespoke talent management programme that was delivered over 6 months. Each month a new subject was addressed using up to date research and thinking, and delivered in a way that was engaging, interesting, applicable and embedded the learning.

Delivered In A Way That Was

Engaging, Interesting, Applicable

& Embedded The Learning.

What Bluestone Did

We received outstanding feedback from the people who attended the modules. They loved the fact that Bluestone understood the culture of the business and could teach them in a way that was specific, effective and appreciated the demands of their particular industry sector and employer.

What The Clients Said

I enjoyed learning about different types of assertiveness, understanding my own triggers and ways to respond to ensure there is minimal conflict and effective resolution.

Design Manager - St James
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